Quick Start - D.AI.SY - English - DAISY FOREX AI


Follow the steps below to REGISTER D.AI.SY

STEP 1: Download KleverApp to your smartphone

STEP 2: Deposit USDT / TRC20 into your klever Link wallet with the amount required to purchase your packages.

STEP 3: Click the "Recognise / Browser" icon at the bottom to display the DApps browser in the Tron wallet.

STEP 3.1: You need TRX / Tron tokens in the same wallet to cover the fee for the Tron blockchain transaction. A total of 150 trons for each tier purchase.

NOTE: (You must only insert the referral link in the DAPPS browser. Otherwise it will not work).

STEP 4: Paste the referral link into the DAPP search bar and press Enter.

Referral link: daisy.global/r/smoking1

STEP 5: The DAISY screen will then open. Authorise your wallet for DAISY.

STEP 6: Enter your desired username and start contributing levels.
Note: (The username must be in lower case with no spaces. Please make a note of your username when you register).

Your referral should include the username at the end. If your referral link is daisy.global/r/, simply add the username after "r /".

How do I log in to my account after registering DAISY?

STEP 1: Paste this link https://daisy.global into the DAPP search bar and press Enter.
STEP 2: Click on Sign in automatically.
You will be in Daisy Back Office when you have successfully logged in.

To add D.AI.SY FOREX Packages, enter the Daisy back office, go to the FOREX, then select Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3..., confirm the selection of FOREX

It's never too late to get started


D.AI.SY Story

Daisy Global Official website:
Official Telegram:

Official  Youtube:

DAISY Joining link: daisy.global/r/smoking1

 (You must paste the Joining link in the DAPPS browser only.  Otherwise it will not work)